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At SmileBay Dental, our dental surgeons study every detail about the smile. What makes a great smile is how natural it looks as well as the harmony of the smile within the face. Often, a smile that is deemed too perfect may not be realistic and, hence, will not be considered a great smile. Simply put, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to aesthetic dentistry.

Common factors that affect the appearance of one’s smile are: 

Tooth colour – Discolouration or staining

Tooth shape – Uneven, too short, too long, cracked, chipped or broken 

Spacing between teeth – Overcrowded or widely spaced (gaps between teeth), crooked, twisted or incorrectly positioned 

Gum – Firmness, symmetry and visibility 

Lips – Shape and symmetry 

Buccal corridor – Too much or little empty space that should appear in the corner of your smile

Great Technologies and Great Doctors Combined

Dissatisfied with your smile but not sure where to start? A complete smile makeover may be the answer. Your smile should be unique. A smile makeover is a thoroughly tailored plan for each individual. We will redesign your smile to fit beautifully with your natural facial aesthetics.

One of the qualities that separates a good dentist from a great one is the latter’s ability to comprehend the larger picture and all the factors that contribute to it while still paying attention to the minute details. Our Smile Makeover does not only cover the aesthetic component; it is also a multidisciplinary approach involving the functionality of the entire oral cavity. We evaluate your overall oral health before your personalised aesthetic treatment planning begins.

At SmileBay Dental, we will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth, gums, underlying supporting structure and occlusion (bite) to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Constantly Improved Technologies

-Teeth Whitening

-Porcelain Veneers 


-Limited/Full Case Orthodontics 

-Dental Crowns and Bridges 

-Dental Implants 

-Composite filling

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

A necessity for restoring damaged teeth

Full mouth rehabilitation is a comprehensive and necessary form of dental treatment, which could completely restore all the damaged teeth in your mouth.

The full mouth reconstruction is needed when: 

-Multiple teeth have been lost

-Teeth have been injured or fractured

-Teeth have become worn as a result of acid-erosion or attrition

-Jaw pain is present due to bite problems

Our dentist will perform a comprehensive examination to determine the extent of the problem and the treatment options available to correct it. In particular, he or she will examine the condition of your:


The condition of your teeth will determine what restorative procedures may be required. In particular, your dentist will make note of any cavities and decay, tooth wear, cracks, short/long teeth, root canal issues and any tooth movement.

Periodontal (gum) tissues

If your gums are not healthy, you will most likely need scaling and root planing to treat the periodontal disease; this ensures that the newly reconstructed teeth will have a solid foundation.

Temporomandibular joints (jaw joint)

Jaw muscles and occlusion: Occlusion is the relationship between your upper and lower teeth as they come into functional contact, such as when you bite, chew or close your jaws together. If a misalignment of the teeth is present, these occlusal forces can be translated from the misaligned teeth as destructive forces to the ligaments and bone that hold the teeth in place, the muscles of the head and neck and the jaw joint. Orthodontic treatment is thus needed to correct occlusion before additional restorative procedures are done.


The colour, shape, size and proportion of your teeth, and how they appear in relation to your gums, lips, mouth, side profile and face, are also important factors in full mouth reconstruction treatment. Each full mouth reconstruction is unique. We will spend time planning your case with our laboratory technician and any specialists that may be participating in your treatment. We will take all aspects into considerations to achieve aesthetics, function and harmony. We will discuss your goals with you and advise you of your options for treatment.

A full mouth rehabilitation will dramatically enhance your appearance and revitalise your smile, allowing you to enjoy the confidence and attractiveness you have always desired. Our team strongly believes that your oral health and beautiful smile are essential elements that contribute to your overall quality of life.

Depending on your specific situation, we may recommend one or more of the following:

-Filling and Root Canal Treatment

-Scaling and Root Planing

-Teeth Whitening

-Orthodontic Treatment (braces)

-Dental Bonding


-Crowns or Bridges

-Inlays or Onlays

-Dental Implants


-Sport Mouthguard

-Night Guard

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A great smile is a confidence booster that can enhance one’s quality of life and brighten up the lives of those around them.

Make An Appointment with SmileBay Dental Today!

We’d love to help you achieve your new smile and other dental needs. Contact us to book an appointment today!

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