Exceptional Dental Experiences via Advanced Technologies

Technology & Techniques

At SmileBay Dental, we are committed to ensuring that we have our fingers on the pulse of technological advancements in dentistry at all times. This is what led us to set up our very own in-house Digital Dental Lab that plays an essential role in transforming conventional dentistry into exceptional dental experiences for our patients. 

Providing an Accurate Picture

With advanced digital imaging equipment such as the cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), orthopantomography (OPG) and periapical x-rays on hand, SmileBay Dental is able to provide quicker, easier and more comfortable imaging methods that not only use lower radiation doses but also allow for better diagnostic accuracy. This also helps our dentists to identify dental issues at an earlier stage and offer more effective treatments as well as improved fit for restorative procedures. 

When it comes to making impressions, digital ones have a definite edge over their conventional counterparts as they are less messy and more comfortable. It is also time-saving for both patient and dentist, and reduces post-procedure adjustments. 

Better Dentist-Patient Communication

The dental team at SmileBay utilises the Digital Smile Design software for smile makeover offerings, which offers patients a preview of how their smile could look post-treatment and align with patients’ goals. Digital imaging technology also makes it more convenient for patients to view their current oral health in real life, allowing dentists to offer practical oral hygiene education more easily. This two-way communication reinforces the dentist-patient relationship and helps to build trust and minimise anxiety.

Laser Precision for Optimal Outcomes

When lasers entered the picture, they changed the game, allowing dentists to provide exceptional treatment with better levels of comfort. Laser dentistry in general translates to less invasive treatments and are radiation-free. 

New dimensions in dental care 

The availability of our very own 3D printer at SmileBay Dental allows us to truly customise our patients’ experiences with personalised treatment plans that optimise outcomes and saves time. 3D printing produces accurate reproductions, thus eliminating inconsistencies and upholding quality standards. 

Our 3D printing is mainly used for fabricating prostheses like crowns and bridges, and implant surgical stents that are used for computer-guided surgery. This enables safer procedures, faster healing and better prosthetic comfort. 

In upholding advanced modern dentistry, SmileBay Dental aspires to elevate patient care while minimising your discomfort and anxiety. Are you ready for an exceptional dental experience? Schedule an appointment with us today!

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