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Dentistry is an ever-evolving field with rapid technological advancements constantly pushing the envelope of excellence. As such,  continuous education is important for dental professionals to keep up to date with the latest in preventive care, diagnostics and treatments so they can stay on top of the game and ensure that patients receive the best care available.

Realising this, we set up SmileBay Academy, our first dental training academy. Nestled within the heart of George Town, SmileBay Academy, which is located on the first floor of SmileBay Signature Advanced Implant Centre, is well-equipped to host a wide range of workshops, seminars and other forms of hands-on training sessions. This month, for example, a lecture and workshop on the Immediate Implant Placement & Provisionalisation in Aesthetic Zone as well as an evening lecture on the Restoration of Structurally Compromised Teeth: Success vs Failure was held, with Dr. Wong Keng Mun (Prosthodontist, BDS [Singapore], MDS [Washington, USA]) as the special speaker.

“We conceived SmileBay Academy as a platform for the dental fraternity from around the region to partake in continuous education and training. This is in line with our overarching goal to improve the level of dental services offered to the communities here,” explained Dr. Ellie Tan, Chairperson of SmileBay Academy.   

Raising the Bar 

With consistent continuous education and training easily available, dental professionals will have more opportunities to enhance and refine their clinical skills. They will also be able to learn and adopt the latest techniques and procedures. All this can lead to improved efficiency, better patient care and outcomes, and increased patient satisfaction. 


Regular courses are also a great way for dentists to keep abreast with the digital tools and equipment available to them while staying informed on new research and findings in the field, allowing them to provide better-informed treatment plans based on the latest insights available.

Besides that, SmileBay Academy provides an opportune avenue for both novice and experienced dental professionals to steadily enhance their credentials and career pathways as well as strengthening their professional networks. 

“We will bring in local and international experts in various areas of dentistry, and our programmes will be open to all interested dental professionals. As such, attendees will have excellent opportunities to engage with their peers and industry experts, exchange knowledge and ideas, and open doors for possible collaborative endeavours,” elaborated Dr. Ellie. 

Targeting both newly minted and well-established dental professionals, including dentists, dental nurses and dental technicians, SmileBay Academy was conceived to complement and hone the foundation received in dental school. 

“At dental school, we learn the fundamentals and gain competency in providing basic dental treatments. As dentists, we need to constantly upgrade our knowledge and update our skills to be able to provide more advanced treatments, such as implants and aesthetic dentistry,” Dr. Ellie shared.   

Plans are also afoot to host talks for the general public to boost dental awareness among the local communities. 

Are you looking to upskill and advance your career? Find out more about SmileBay Academy or watch Dr. Ellie share her thoughts here.

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