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At SmileBay Dental, we understand that having cutting-edge dental imaging equipment and understanding how they work are key in delivering the best care possible to patients. We ensure that our team is on top of the latest advancements in dental technology at all times. This makes it so much easier to prioritise both our jobs and the comfort of our patients.   

Detailed Views, Precise Diagnostics 

There are many types of imaging methods today that can detect oral diseases and abnormalities, including oral cancer, cavities, decay, the position of unerupted or impacted teeth, bone loss and other dental issues. To ensure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to our patients’ dental care, we’ll typically include x-rays or other dental imaging techniques, depending on their symptoms, especially at their initial visit. 

Dentists will also use imaging methods to determine patients’ suitability for treatments such as dental implants, braces or dentures, or to monitor healing after certain procedures. These may also be employed to determine the development of teeth in paediatric patients.  

The vast evolution of dental imaging innovations has yielded many benefits for both dentists and their patients. “With current technology, we are able to get full-mouth imaging that is faster, easier and more precise at a lower radiation dose. Patients, on the other hand, will find the procedure more comfortable compared to conventional methods,” shared Dr. Ghan Jia Jia, one of the dentists at SmileBay Dental. 

According to her, the advent of digital technology has also made the storage, retrieval and manipulation of images much easier. While previously the film from the images would have to be developed, with a digital scanner, the patient today can expect to get their results instantaneously. 

As the dental industry progresses from 2D to 3D imaging, dentists can also expect more detailed images of their patients’ oral structures, which will make it easier to diagnose a dental issue and come up with an effective treatment plan. 

“An example is our cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scanner, which shows the actual condition of the teeth and their surroundings in 3D detail. This allows us to observe the nerves, canals, root morphology, lesions and much more,” explained Dr. Ghan. 

At SmileBay Dental, we have our very own CBCT scanner to help us to better serve our patients’ needs. Other imaging equipment that are often used are the periapical radiograph and orthopantomography (OPG). A periapical x-ray shows the entire tooth from crown to root and helps in the detection of decay, gum disease, bone loss and other possible abnormalities in the tooth and surrounding bone. The OPG, on the other hand, provides a faster, easier and more comfortable method for taking a comprehensive image of the patient’s entire mouth. 

A digital intraoral scanner is used to make dental impressions, in place of the conventional method that utilises a putty-like substance. “Many patients are wary of the conventional impression method that requires them to bite down on a special material which, unfortunately, can induce gagging. The digital scanner is a more comfortable alternative for them. At SmileBay Dental, our 3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner is usually met with approval from our patients. Besides the comfort factor, it also offers a variety of other functions,” shared Dr. Ghan. 

She also credits technology for assisting in dentist-patient communication. “Take the intraoral scanner, for example. While previously, patients will have to take the dentist’s word that caries are present in their mouth, we can now show them what is actually happening so they will have a better understanding of the condition of their oral health and be more proactive in taking care of it.” 

Advancements in imaging technology have offered dentists the ability to diagnose a dental issue in a faster and more precise manner. At SmileBay Dental, we take pride in having the necessary technology readily available, allowing us to accurately diagnose dental issues accurately. Come be a part of us, and get the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with a wide range of dental imaging technologies as well as working closely with highly skilled dental professionals. Visit for further details.

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