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Strategically located in George Town, Penang, SmileBay Signature Advanced Implant Centre is a premium flagship dental establishment. Focused on implant dentistry, smile makeover services such as same-day crowns and veneers, periodontal treatment and general dentistry, we offer a full range of signature services to cater to our patients’ diverse oral health needs.

Ever ready to serve our patients is SmileBay’s professional team of dentists with specialised skills along with highly trained dental technicians and customer service personnel. “We are meticulous about providing exceptional patient care. With our specialised competencies, we are able to offer a multidisciplinary approach to ensure a holistic outlook when it comes to our patients’ dental health,” shared Dr. Ian Foo, one of the dentists at SmileBay Signature Advanced Implant Centre.

New dental advancements is another area in which SmileBay Signature Advanced Implant Centre takes pride. “In our commitment to offer our patients the best care possible, we always strive to keep abreast with the latest in dental technologies and innovations,” continued Dr. Ian.

In encouraging lifelong learning and consistently upskilling to hone their expertise, SmileBay Signature Advanced Implant Centre regularly hosts workshops and conferences in SmileBay Academy — our in-house dental academy. Our panel of dentists also frequently attend seminars and exhibitions locally and internationally to keep abreast with the latest dental technology. But perhaps one of the most distinctive features of SmileBay Signature Advanced Implant Centre is that we are one of only a few dental establishments in the country to house a Digital Dental Lab.

With aesthetic dental treatments like digital smile design and cutting-edge dental implant techniques being specialities of SmileBay Signature Advanced Implant Centre, having our very own Digital Dental Lab is extremely beneficial. The Digital Dental Lab is staffed by highly capable dental technicians and outfitted with advanced dental equipment, enabling us to offer unparalleled convenience, such as same-day crowns and whole mouth rehabilitation in one venue. Additionally, this allows us to provide dental prostheses that fit better and are of high quality with a faster turnaround time.

According to Dr. Liew Xin Yoong, another dentist here, “At SmileBay Signature Advanced Dental Implant Centre, we are well-equipped with innovations such as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), 3D printing and computer-aided designing/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD-CAM) systems. For example, the CAD-CAM allows us to manufacture crowns within one day, so our patients do not have to wait very long for their dental solutions.”

With exceptional expertise and technology on our side, the team at SmileBay Signature Advanced Implant Centre is always ready to deliver a thorough patient experience, where your comfort and convenience are prioritised across the entire process – from the diagnostics to the planning and execution of your dental treatment plan. Find out more at

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SmileBay Dental started when Dr Yong Peng San opened his first clinic in 1999, named Yong Dental, offering dental services to nearby communities. 


A great smile is a confidence booster that can enhance one’s quality of life and brighten up the lives of those around them.

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