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Creating a customised experience for dental healthcare can be incredibly challenging. Every individual is unique; so are the challenges that they bring. Each person comes in with different sets of healthcare complications, expectations and even aesthetic goals that they are looking to achieve.

For example, some patients might prefer Zirconia as the chosen material for their prosthesis due to the material being stain-resistant while offering an incredibly natural appearance. Others might have a set budget in mind and might opt for the more affordable porcelain instead.

How does SmileBay embrace each patient’s distinct demands and limitations? The simple answer is by specially curating the treatments according to the patients in front of them. To illustrate, prostheses such as crowns and bridges require precise data of each patient in order to ensure the crowns fit them perfectly. By utilising the Intraoral Scanner, precise impressions of the mouth can be reproduced without the need for the traditional, gag-inducing dental mould. 


“I believe good quality crowns come from a good fit. That’s where the IntraOral Scanner comes in handy. We take scans of the teeth and communicate with our digital lab, and they will fabricate crowns that fit the tooth properly,” said SmileBay’s own Dr. Khoo Xue Chyi.

Utilising Digital Smile Design, patients’ teeth are scanned, after which computer software is used to redesign the dental structure, before a replica is generated using 3D printing. The printed replica allows the patient to view and put their hands on their future teeth. Patients can now give their input to revise the prosthesis before manufacturing starts, helping to minimise the risks of patients feeling dissatisfied with the final product.

Similar to the aforementioned digital design tool, the tools to manufacture the prostheses too are constantly evolving. Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD-CAM) has become one of the most prominent tools within SmileBay’s arsenal, shortening the waiting period and reducing the number of visits the patient has to endure before finally getting their crowns.

As patients are becoming more aware of their needs and wants, SmileBay seeks to satisfy their dental goals of both achieving their dream smile and restoring their chewing ability. By applying some of the leading equipment available in today’s market, the SmileBay dental team can help to alleviate anxiety from the patient’s mind without jeopardising the quality care aspect.

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