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With the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence are becoming more prevalent in the healthcare sector, including dentistry. Today, robotics in dentistry generally encompasses computer-aided protocol in performing treatments for a more effective and efficient result. Robotics in dentistry has a promising and bright future since there are vast technological advancements that allow for an array of dental treatments to be carried out more accurately and precisely than ever possible. 

Throughout the years, robotics-assisted dentistry has made great progress, with its role expanding from conventional surgery to more complicated treatments that are crucial in the preservation of oral health, the repair of oral lesions as well as the invention of more advanced as well as innovative dental equipment. 

With robotics and artificial intelligence systems, the success rates of dental surgeries are more successful. Higher patient safety, better workflow efficiency, and uniformity are all made possible by robotic surgery. 

Established in 1999, SmileBay Dental stands at the forefront in upholding advanced modern dentistry by providing excellent patient-centred dental treatments rooted in the latest technologies. For one, the dental establishment is one of only a few in Malaysia that houses its very own Digital Dental Lab. Alongside a highly trained team, this allows it to deliver cutting-edge treatments more effectively and efficiently to patients.

In the area of diagnostics, advancements have enabled dentists to obtain clearer dental images and detect more minute dental issues that conventional technology may not pick up, including dental caries, periodontal disease and other dental conditions. This can improve the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment planning to achieve the desired results. 

According to Dr. Khoo Xue Chyi, a dentist at SmileBay, “A thorough diagnosis is an important first step of good treatment planning. At SmileBay, technology allows us to make a more comprehensive diagnosis, which we find our patients appreciate. We are able to help them identify and address issues that more conventional equipment may not be able to pick up.” 

Among the advanced diagnostics tools in SmileBay’s arsenal is the 3Shape TRIOS 3 Intra-Oral Scanner that is powered by artificial intelligence. This award-winning scanner uses optical scanning to make a 3D model of patients’ teeth and jaws without the mess and trouble of obtaining actual dental impressions. A wide range of other functions are also available, such as digital smile design simulations, diagnostic tools, prosthesis designs, implant planning, and much more. This allows dentists to have a better idea of the condition of patients’ teeth. 


Computer-guided surgery in dentistry is also becoming more widespread. “With computer-guided surgery, you are able to pre-plan the entire procedure, for example, where you want to place the implants. It acts as a compass. You have a guide so you can avoid nerves and other structures. As the outcome is more predictable, this minimises the risks of complications and decreases recovery time,” shared Dr. Cynthia Chee. 

Robotics today can be used to help dentists perform many dental treatments and surgeries with high accuracy and precision. On top of that, this can also reduce the risk of complications while delivering better patient outcomes. 

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