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Aesthetic dentistry involves various procedures that are aimed at enhancing your smile and restoring your confidence. At SmileBay, we can help you with just about any dental issues you have, including crooked, missing, discoloured, cracked or even chipped teeth. 

Our signature SMILEfix service encompasses a variety of treatments for a comprehensive smile makeover, allowing us to adopt a multidisciplinary approach towards optimising the function and cosmetic appearance of your smile. With an array of effective dental solutions including veneers, dental crowns, braces, dental implants, Invisalign and many more on offer, SMILEfix aims to address your dental concerns and beautify your smile promptly and efficiently. 

Dedicated to revitalising your oral health, SmileBay’s professionally trained and experienced dental team is on hand to help you enhance your oral appearance. While having top-of-the-line machinery and equipment is important, our dental team also truly believes that the value of the human touch is essential. 

Your trust and confidence in SmileBay is our priority as we always seek to provide you with an excellent dental experience. From the moment you get in touch with us at SmileBay, our entire team is here to ensure that you are well taken care of. Our dentists will conduct a thorough oral health evaluation and consult with you thereafter, taking your oral health condition and goals into consideration. Subsequently, we will come up with the most effective and efficient aesthetic dentistry treatment plan that best fits your needs, together with our dental technicians.

Furthermore, with the aid of our in-house dental laboratory, which houses a plethora of cutting-edge dental equipment and machineries, you are assured of getting your consultation, scans and treatments done easily and swiftly.


The Importance of The Human Touch

Julian Cheah came to SmileBay to get his dental crowns done.


“Dr Lim Han Chuin and her team, Ms Finaz and Ms Fina, who specialise in shaping teeth for great smiles, are extremely caring in the way they deal with patients. In addition to good work and standards, Dr Lim and her team were very warm and friendly. I was also impressed with the latest dental technology they have available. Their quest for perfection led them to be very selective about my dental crown. They have definitely gained my trust and confidence,” he shared. 


With the immense commitment of the SmileBay team in emphasising the human touch in all its SMILEfix offerings, you can be assured of an excellent experience that will instil trust and confidence. Experience aesthetic dentistry like never before today! Contact us for a bespoke aesthetic dentistry consultation and treatment.

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SmileBay Dental started when Dr Yong Peng San opened his first clinic in 1999, named Yong Dental, offering dental services to nearby communities. 


A great smile is a confidence booster that can enhance one’s quality of life and brighten up the lives of those around them.

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