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Feeling shy to smile because of misaligned, crooked or missing teeth? 

Frown no more. SmileBay Dental stands at the forefront of aesthetics dentistry here in Malaysia. Well-equipped with advanced and modernised technologies, SmileBay is able to give you the perfect smile. 

Professionally trained and experienced dentists at SmileBay curate safe and effective dental treatment options, such as veneers, braces, dental implants, Invisaligns and many more to solve your dental issues and enhance your smile in no time. 

With our signature SMILEfix service, SmileBay is able to revive your oral appearance and elevate your lifestyle. This also makes SMILEflx a good option for patients who have gone through traumatic accidents and injuries, which resulted in damaged or missing teeth. 

The transformation of your smile and your overall appearance can happen in no time with SMILEfix. Our trained dentists at SmileBay give utmost priority to your safety and comfort when it comes to transforming your oral appearance and lifestyle. Unlike ordinary dental aesthetic treatments, SMILEfix is a holistic full-mouth rehabilitation process that takes into account your individual needs and goals based on your current and desired oral health. 

At SmileBay, we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to aesthetic dentistry. As such, each SMILEfix plan is unique to the individual patient. 

First of all, a comprehensive oral health evaluation is conducted by our dentists. After that, our dental team, encompassing the dental surgeons, laboratory technicians and any other specialists that might be necessary depending on your dental needs, will get together to assess your situation and conceive a bespoke plan to determine the best aesthetic dentistry approach for you. 

As a plus, with the help of our in-house dental laboratory that houses a myriad of cutting-edge dental equipment and machineries, you can get your consultation, scans and dental procedures done conveniently and quickly with minimal discomfort.

An Exceptional Experience For Patients

Jordan Gan came to us with nearly all his front teeth missing due to an accident. He sought a safe yet reliable procedure that would be able to transform his smile for the better.  

“I lost 11 of my front teeth in an accident and was devastated about how it affected my appearance. However, even amidst the concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic, SmileBay Dental was able to provide me with a safe and comfortable experience. I am thankful to SmileBay and SMILEfix for the extraordinary service and for bringing back my smile again,” he shared. 

We make sure you can have the best smile using the safest transformation method. Experience exceptional dentistry today! Contact us now.

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SmileBay Dental started when Dr Yong Peng San opened his first clinic in 1999, named Yong Dental, offering dental services to nearby communities. 


A great smile is a confidence booster that can enhance one’s quality of life and brighten up the lives of those around them.

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