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The satisfaction of having a picture-perfect natural smile is unbeatable. However as we age, we may come across several dental concerns that need immediate attention. A common one is tooth loss.  

Typical solutions like dentures are a far cry from the comfort of having your own teeth intact. So what’s the next best thing besides your natural teeth?

If you’re looking for dental implant options, look no further than ADIfix, an advanced dental implant treatment made available for you at SmileBay. ADIfix uses cutting-edge dental implants of the highest calibre that are just as comfortable as your own teeth to restore your oral functionality. 

The entire procedure is designed keeping your utmost comfort and convenience in mind. Using the Straumann Roxolid metal alloy, which is composed of 15% zirconium and 85% titanium, ADIfix implants deliver unmatched quality, offering unrivalled strength, durability and osseointegration properties. 

When inserted into your jawbone, the implant will easily merge with your jawbone, resulting in a more solid fixture. This also promotes faster healing compared to other typical materials used for conventional dental implants, thus assuring patients of less downtime.

In fact, at SmileBay, our dentists will fit you with a high-quality temporary implant while waiting for your ADIfix implant. This allows you to resume your normal routine, including eating, in the meantime. The waiting time for the permanent implants is also considerably shorter as these are milled in our dedicated Digital Dental Lab, which also lets us ascertain the quality of the implants easily. 

What’s more, during your routine check-ups every six months, your implants will be thoroughly cleaned and maintained, thus further ensuring their durability and longevity. 

The premium quality of ADIfix implants means that you do not have to worry or limit yourself in your everyday tasks and diet. Biting into apples, corn or anything tough is not an issue, nor is socialising with family and friends, or even taking that perfect selfie. Your ADIfix implants are specially crafted to match your existing teeth, so you can smile comfortably and confidently at all times and angles!

ADIfix is one of the most effective options to optimise your oral health and improve your overall wellbeing. What’s more, the implants are so natural looking that no one will be able to tell that you have dental implants (unless you tell them, of course).

Find out more about how ADIfix can offer you unparalleled comfort and luxury whilst helping you to lead a normal and healthy lifestyle. Contact SmileBay for more information or to make an appointment today.

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