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Caring for your oral health is caring for your overall health. One aspect of taking care of your oral health is looking after your wisdom teeth. Not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed; many people live with these teeth and have no issues. However, wisdom teeth can lead to problems, and it’s important to know when and why you should have them removed.

Do I Need to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Not necessarily. If your wisdom teeth are impacted but aren’t causing you pain, you’ll probably be able to keep them.

However, sometimes when your wisdom teeth are impacted, they can cause other issues. For example, plaque can build up if food and bacteria become stuck there. With the build-up of plaque comes more serious issues such as tooth decay, gum diseases, pericoronitis and cellulitis.

There may also be other circumstances where removing your wisdom teeth are necessary. They may be coming in at a bad angle or affecting your other teeth. It is also possible that your mouth isn’t big enough to support them or you have cavities or gum diseases. Furthermore, because of their location, you may be unable to brush or floss your wisdom teeth properly.

What is the Process for Having My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Fret not if you think that you’ll need to have your wisdom teeth removed. The process is typically seamless. First, you will meet with a dentist for a consultation. Together, you will discuss any problems you may have, address questions about the procedure, and determine the type of anaesthesia you will receive.

To confirm if you need to get your wisdom teeth removed or not, you will be required to get an x-ray of your mouth. This helps dentists see the overall position of your teeth.

Once the dentist has determined that your wisdom teeth need to go, they will inject a local anaesthetic into the region surrounding your wisdom tooth before performing the extraction.

Don’t worry that you’ll be in the chair all day, as removing a tooth will usually only take about half an hour or less.

Taking care of your oral health starts with regular dental checkups. Many people fear or even avoid dental checkups due to past experiences. However, at SmileBay, we make your comfort a priority with top-notch dental care amidst a relaxing ambience.

When you choose SmileBay, you know that your oral health is in good hands. Make an appointment online today.


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