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Are you having trouble eating your meals or speaking? Do you feel terrible about being unable to flash a natural smile in front of the camera while taking a family photo? Do you miss the days of having healthy shiny-white teeth? Consider getting dental implants. 

In essence, advanced dental implants are the closest you will get to having the natural healthy teeth you’ve been missing. Sturdier and longer-lasting, they are designed to fit properly in your mouth, and allow you to eat, talk, smile and laugh as usual without shifting or getting loose, as might be the case with dentures. What’s more, advanced dental implants can help to preserve the bone features and significantly lessen bone degeneration and resorption.

If you’re convinced about getting advanced dental implants, you’re probably wondering: 

“Where can I have an Advanced Dental Implant?”

At SmileBay, we offer ADIfix, our signature advanced dental implant procedure that takes the dental implant game up a notch. ADIfix implants are made from the world-famous Straumann Roxolid metal alloy that is composed of approximately 85% titanium and 15% zirconium, assuring you of the following benefits:

  1. Faster healing with less postoperative discomfort
  2. Greater strength and durability  
  3. Excellent osseointegration properties leading to sturdier implants
  4. Personalised procedure ensuring that the implants fit your unique oral structure perfectly 
  5. Calls for less invasive grafting methods that help to preserve the bone


That’s not all. At SmileBay, we have the only in-house Digital Dental Lab in Malaysia that houses the latest dental technologies to transform your life. With all the equipment at our fingertips, we are able to offer better quality control and a faster turnaround time for your dental prostheses, which leads to a shorter treatment period. This means you can go back to your daily routines sooner.

Your Smile is Our Duty 

If you are interested in ADIfix, get in touch with us right now to find out more!


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