ADIfix: Understanding Osseointegration, And Why It Is Important For Our Implants

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As we grow older, oral health issues, including tooth loss, tend to become more prevalent. This can cause problems, such as difficulties in chewing food and talking, and making people look older than they actually are. 

Additionally, when a tooth is lost, the remaining teeth may drift towards the empty gap, which can affect the normal bite alignment. Even flossing becomes more difficult. This makes plaque removal harder, and you risk developing gum disease that could lead to bone loss and, eventually, more tooth loss.

Today, advanced dental implants are often the go-to treatment for this issue. Typically, a titanium screw-like device is used to secure the implant or prosthetic tooth to the jawbone where the original tooth formerly resided. This lets it amalgamate into the jawbone in a process known as bone integration or osseointegration. 

Osseointegration plays an essential role in determining the success of a dental implant as it allows the implant to become a part of the gums and jawbone. The jaw tissues grow around the implant, making it more stable and secure in the mouth while also giving it added strength. As such, advanced dental implants can be a great long-term solution. 

Why Choose ADIfix

SmileBay offers a signature advanced dental implant treatment called ADIfix, which employs state-of-the-art Straumann Roxolid implants. Unlike other implants, Straumann Roxolids are made of a specific high-performance metal alloy consisting of 85 percent titanium and 15 percent zirconium, which is 50 percent stronger and osseointegrates better than pure titanium. They are, therefore, more durable. 

Besides that, Straumann Roxolid implants contain hydrophilic SLActive surfaces that attract blood and protein to their micropores, facilitating the osseointegration process immediately and providing considerable therapeutic advantages when dealing with poor quality bone. Furthermore, little drilling is required. This protects critical oral structures, saving time and reducing downtime as you can recover in a very short period of one to three days.

With ADIfix, you can rest assured that the implants can last for a very long time and function just as well as your natural teeth. This means that you can resume your usual routine, including eating and drinking your favourite foods and beverages. This will enable you to have a healthier and more balanced diet while living a much more meaningful and fulfilling life as you grow older. ADIfix also encourages jawbone development, which helps to further reinforce the supporting oral structure. Additionally, bone loss can be minimised and your facial structure can be maintained. 

SmileBay’s ADIfix is an effective solution for your oral health, particularly missing teeth. As the only dental practice in Malaysia with our very own in-house Digital Dental Lab, we are able to employ the latest dental technologies to ensure that you get the best dental service. If you are interested, make an appointment to meet our dental specialists now!


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