Whiten Your Teeth, Boost Your Confidence

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Whiten Your Teeth, Boost Your Confidence

Take a minute to look in the mirror; are you happy with your smile? Many of you may find yourselves plagued with stained teeth. This can be caused by a myriad of factors, such as age, poor dental hygiene and even what you put in your mouth!  Excessive consumption of coffee, tea, soft drinks, wines and some starchy meals like pasta or potatoes, as well as tobacco use, can discolour or stain teeth.

While discoloured teeth may not be a significant dental issue, it can cause a major confidence crisis as it affects the appearance of your smile. The good news is that there is a solution. At SmileBay, our signature SMILEfix smile makeover treatment can help you with this and more. 

Comprehensive Approach

SMILEfix goes the extra mile by employing a multidisciplinary approach that combines scientific and artistic techniques to improve your natural facial aesthetics and offer you your desired smile. Instead of just a one-off teeth whitening procedure, our dentists will perform a thorough evaluation to get a clear picture of your current oral health. This includes examining the teeth, periodontal or gum tissues, temporomandibular joints or jaw joint and all other important elements of the oral structure to help us identify the degree of your oral issues and determine the precise treatments needed to ensure that you get the best oral healthcare for a beautiful smile. 

No stone is left unturned at SmileBay. Based on the results of your evaluation, our dentists will recommend suitable treatments. Besides teeth whitening, other services on offer also include fillings, root canals, scaling and root planing, orthodontic treatments or braces, dental bonding, veneers, crowns or bridges, inlays or onlays,  dental implants, dentures, sport mouthguards and night guards, all of which can help to enhance your teeth and overall health.

For addressing more serious oral conditions like multiple missing teeth, damaged or fractured teeth, worn teeth owing to acid erosion or attrition and jaw discomfort, a full mouth rehabilitation is also possible. 

Your SMILEfix experience is further enhanced with SmileBay’s first-of-its-kind in-house Digital Dental Lab. We are proudly the only dental clinic to house our very own dental lab that features best-of-the-world dental equipment and technologies. 

With SMILEfix, there is no oral health issue too small or too big to address. Ultimately, we aspire to help you get the beautiful smile you deserve and gain the confidence to lead healthy, happy and full lives.  

Healthy living starts with healthy teeth. Visit www.smilebaydental.com  or walk into any of our seven branches across Penang to start your SMILEfix experience!


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