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Aging affects oral tissues in the same way that it affects other body parts. The enamel, dentine and pulp of teeth as well as gums change as they age, which can lead to an increased risk of dental issues occurring among the elderly population. This often results in the individuals losing their teeth. 

If this happens, many people might feel compelled to contemplate dentures; often, however, advanced dental implants have proven to be a better option. If you’re an elderly person with missing teeth, don’t worry. ADIfix at Smilebay is a very effective advanced dental implant treatment that is intended for senior citizens and other patients with missing teeth as an innovative dental restoration option. 


Here are some reasons to choose SmileBay’s ADIfix for your advanced dental implant procedure:

  • The Straumann Advantage

ADIfix at SmileBay uses world-leading Straumann implants. Straumann offers Roxolid implants, which are 15% zirconium and 85 % titanium, as well as ceramic implants composed of long-lasting zirconia ceramic. The procedure secures the prosthetic tooth directly into the jawbone, replacing the root of a natural tooth. Thereafter, the implant becomes more rooted, allowing the gums and jawbone to heal more quickly without rejecting the implant.

  • Specially Designed Implant

We understand that each person’s dental requirements are unique; thus, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. As a result, we conduct a detailed scanning technique to determine the implants that are best suited to the oral structure of each individual patient before drilling them into their mouths. We also encourage our patients to have a detailed discussion with our specialists prior to the procedure to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the procedure as well as addressing their queries and concerns beforehand. 

  • Integration of High-tech with Care

We aspire to deliver the greatest quality dental care and treatments for everyone with cutting-edge equipment and a skilled team of doctors. Our team is constantly on the search for new innovations in dentistry that will allow us to serve our patients with the best dental treatments that are more efficient, effective and comfortable. Furthermore, we have our very own Digital Dental Lab equipped with “best of the world” dental technology, allowing us to provide the most advanced dental care in northern Malaysia.

ADIfix is a milestone in the history of dentistry. See how it can help you regain your smile. Book your appointment today!


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