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Oral health issues are common, especially among the elderly population. The most prevalent dental issue among the elderly is missing teeth. Most people will resort to conventional dentures. Those looking for an effective long-term solution, however, should consider SmileBay’s Signature ADIfix treatment.

Like most dental implants, ADIfix involves the process of joining an artificial tooth root to the bone of the jaw where the original tooth used to be, allowing it to actually amalgamate or integrate into the jaw bone in a process known as “osseointegration” or “bone integration”. Thereafter, the implant becomes a permanent, sturdy fixture. 

Unlike typical dental implants, however, ADIfix employs industry-leading Straumann’s state-of-the-art Roxolid implants, which comprise a special metal alloy composed of 85% titanium and 15% zirconium and have excellent osseointegration properties.


Enhancing Your Lifestyle

Roxolid is 50% stronger and integrates better than pure titanium, making it a longer-lasting and high-performance solution. In fact, with proper care, ADIfix can last for a lifetime.

As the next best thing to healthy natural teeth, it allows patients to continue living a normal life, including boosting their self-confidence in their daily social interactions as they can talk, smile and laugh without having to worry about dentures falling off or the way their teeth look. ADIfix patients will also be able to keep enjoying their favourite dishes as well as a wider variety of foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, thus enabling them to have a better-balanced diet.

Besides that, Roxolids have the added advantage of allowing our dentists to confidently place narrower implants in a limited bone area and treat a full mouth with fewer implants. This, coupled with our personalised treatment plans, will provide for a better, more customised fit for your unique oral structure and smile.

Roxolid implants have SLActive surfaces, which are hydrophilic, allowing them to attract blood and protein to their micropores the moment they are in contact with the bone, thus initiating the osseointegration process and offering significant clinical advantages when dealing with poor quality bone. Importantly, the average healing time is reduced from three to four months to three to four weeks. Moreover, the reduced drilling involved preserves vital structures and vascularisation and facilitates implant placement, which saves time and  decreases patient’s discomfort. In fact, patients can expect minimal downtime and get back to their normal routines sooner.

Our ADIfix is the midas touch for your smile. To enhance your experience, SmileBay has the only in-house Digital Dental Lab in the northern region of Malaysia, which, equipped with cutting-edge technology, enables our specialists to create the most precise prostheses. Your ultimate satisfaction is assured. To make things even more convenient for you, our services are spread across seven branches throughout Penang.

Discover more about SmileBay’s signature ADIfix that uses the internationally acclaimed Straumann implants. Have a chat with us to see how these can be the best solution for you to regain your perfect smile.


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