Crafting Your Luxurious Smile

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Crafting Your Luxurious Smile

A picture-perfect smile is now possible with SmileBay Dental’s signature SMILEfix.

SMILEfix is a multidisciplinary approach that comprises a wide range of aesthetic dental treatments ranging from teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, orthodontics and Invisalign to fillings and other dental restoration techniques. The specific combination of treatments is dependent on your dental issues, concerns and goals. As such, each Smile Makeover treatment is unique to the individual patient.

Our team of dentists at SmileBay strives to provide the best possible dental experience to every patient. Skilled specialists will pay close attention to your smile goals and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health before recommending an apt treatment plan for you. In addition to accommodating your goals, our dental team will also take into consideration other factors such as your budget and lifestyle requirements.

The importance of a SMILEfix extends beyond aesthetics. While dental aesthetic treatments are commonly done to improve the look of your teeth, our specially tailored plans will also look at ensuring the functionality of your oral cavity as the structure of your teeth can affect your chewing, speech and overall face structure.  

All our dental professionals at SmileBay Dental attend regular training and skills enhancement workshops to keep up to speed with the latest dental developments. This allows us to offer our patients the latest and best innovations available.

SmileBay Dental also has our very own dental laboratory that houses cutting-edge dental equipment, while our professional dental lab technicians employ the most advanced technologies available in the global market, so you can be assured of a top-notch dental experience.

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SmileBay Dental started when Dr Yong Peng San opened his first clinic in 1999, named Yong Dental, offering dental services to nearby communities. 


A great smile is a confidence booster that can enhance one’s quality of life and brighten up the lives of those around them.

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