Dr Lim Han Chuin

- Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S) University Science Malaysia
- Fellowship in Temporomandibular Joint Disorder(TMD), Orofacial Pain and Obstructive Sleep Apnea, US
- Certified Invisalign provider

Clinical Interests :

Orthodontic (Conventional, Damon System & Invisalign)
Myobrace Pre-orthodontic Treatment
CAD-CAM Cerec Crown (Same Day Crown)
Aesthetic Dentistry (Resin Veneering)
Sleep Medicine (OSA & TMD)

​Dr Lim is known for her attention to detail and passion for knowledge. She is a joyful doctor at heart, and coupled with her ability to deliver high quality dental treatment, our patients love and appreciate her. She treats every patient as a friend and does her best to ensure all her patients are comfortable and at ease throughout any treatment. 

Over the years, Dr Lim has attended and participated in a number of courses and trainings to elevate herself in the dental industry. With that, it has earned her many successful cases, especially in orthodontics, covering conventional, Damon, Invisalign and Insignia braces. 

​Dr Lim is a certified Invisalign provider. She finds improving patients’ smile and self-image is very rewarding. She is passionate about creating beauty. Dr Lim can give you a smile that looks stunning and exudes confidence.

​She is currently attending postgraduate diploma orthodontic mini residency under world renowned Orthodontist, Dr Derek Mahony from Sydney, Australia. She cares about how early interception in managing a child’s dentition can affects how the face grow in the future. Full face orthodontics seek a balance in creating beautifully aligned teeth, properly positioned jaw, promoting healthy habit and ideal  facial balance.

​Besides that, she is also a Fellowship in Temporomandibular joint disorder(TMD) , orofacial pain and obstructive sleep apnea from Roseman University of Health Sciences (US) in collaboration with Smile USA. She has taken a “whole patient” approach in her daily practice and treat patient in a more comprehensive, health-centered way. Dr lim had undergone training to provide custom made anti snoring mandibular repositioning devices.

​Dr Lim had attended one-day crown Hands-on workshop “the Beauty of Cerec-one time, one visit, one beauty” and creating all-ceramic crowns and restorations that can be fitted in a single day.

Trainings & Courses Attended


  • Fellowship in Temporomandibular Disorder /TMD and Sleep Medicine under the International Fellowship Program by Dr David Thomas (USA) and Dr Shanker Iyer (USA)
  • One-day crown Hands-on workshop “the Beauty of Cerec-one time, one visit, one beauty”
  •  Invisalign provider certification


  • Workshop on the Beauty of Replicating Nature by Professor Franscesco Mangani (Malaysia)
  • Masterclass on Interdisciplinary Treatment, 1st Malaysia International Orthodontic Conference & Exhibition by Dr Chris Chang (Malaysia)
  • Muscle wins! by Dr Etsuko Kondo (Taiwan)
  • Masterclass on Techniques and Treatment Plans for Premolar Extraction Cases with Clear Aligners by Dr Yau Yik Kwong (Malaysia)
  • Myofunctional Orthodontics by Dr John Flutter (Malaysia)
  • Myofuncional Orthodontics: The Combined TMJ/ OSA and Myofunctional Orthodontics Course by Dr David McIntosh and Dr Rohan Wijey (Australia)


  • Achieving Excellence in Aesthetic Posterior Restorations by Dr Jerry Lim (Malaysia)
  • Workshop on Diastema Closure with Composite by Dr Markus Lenhard (Malaysia)
  • Basic Comprehensive Orthodontic Course by Dr Kenneth Lew (Malaysia)
  • Myofunctional Orthodontics Course - Evaluation, Treatment Planning and Implementation by Dr Chris Farrell (Australia)

Duty Location

  • Island Plaza - Tuesday to Friday
  • Arena Curve - Monday & Saturday

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