Dr Herbert Ponisch

Senior Economist of the Bank for International Settlements, now retired in Penang
The undersigned would like to testify that Dr Yong Peng​ S​an from Smilebay Dental Surgery in Penang has reached a level which is comparable to the best practices in dentistry world wide. The quality of training of Dr Yong, the excellence of his treatment, the devotion of his staff and the ​s​tate of the art equipment all testify to the fact that this dental surgery adheres to global best practices.

This is also confirmed by peer review, ie comments by a Swiss dentist on the quality of work produced by Dr Yong. Even the most complicated dental work by Dr Yong was praised by his Swiss peers as exemplary in precision.

It is therefore with pleasure that I give this testimony to advance the publicity of Dr Yong's outstanding work.
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