Orthodontic dentistry- To accentuate your smile

Smile. It takes only seven seconds to make a good first impression.

From personal relationships to business meetings, people with healthy, straight teeth are treated better than those with crooked teeth.

The good news? Straightening teeth to beautify your smile can be achieved with orthodontic treatments and braces.

Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age and adults especially appreciate the benefits of a beautiful smile. We offer traditional braces, Short Term Braces, as well as invisible and removable aligners like Invisalign to treat crooked teeth.

InsigniaTM Advanced Smile Design TM

INSIGNIA BRACES - computerised customised orthodontics
- Fast & Comfortable Treatment; Precise & Predictable Results -

Insignia is advance software that allows orthodontists to create a treatment plan with fine details tailored to fit individual unique dental anatomy. The cutting-edge technology of the system maximises your treatment plan to design a beautiful and natural smile that is personalised to your unique facial structure. Insignia doctors can choose from a variety of aesthetic options to meet your needs. Utilising the 3-D software representations of your exact teeth positioning, doctors are able to take into account your facial symmetry and features to achieve optimal end results.

Insignia allows you to visualise what your finished-smile looks like even before you get bonded with your braces. You will get 100% customised brackets and wires to fit your teeth. Each bracket is precisely calculated to affect your teeth movement in the most optimal way. This customised approach will result in fewer office visits, more precise treatment time and more accurate results. Virtually invisible and discreet, you can work with our doctors to decide how best to achieve your desired smile.

Insignia Procedure

  • Our doctor takes accurate impression of patient’s teeth
  • These impressions are scanned and converted into computerised 3-D representations of teeth
  • Our doctor then uses Insignia software to determine the best occlusal fit; base on patient’s desire or preferences
  • Final details and made to the computerised 3-D set up
  • Insignia comes up with the customised braces and wires (brackets)
  • The brackets are transferred to patient’s teeth using indirect bonding `jigs’. Insignia's jigs contact the occlusal/incisal aspect of the teeth to transfer the bracket to the accurate position on the facial of the tooth.
InsigniaTM - exceptional quality results with ever increasing treatment efficiency! Our doctor uses their knowledge of treatment planning, mechanics and individual case management to provide appropriate and effective patient care.

Metal braces

This is the most common type of braces. Made of high grade stainless steel brackets and archwires, they straighten your teeth, even a severe problem can be corrected. You get to choose colored elastics for a more unique and colourful smile.

It's time for a brand new smile!
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Clear (Ceramic) braces

Made of clear ceramic materials, therefore less noticeable than traditional metal braces. It is especially suitable those who have cosmetic concerns. These braces are more brittle and requires more attention to oral hygiene.

It's time for a brand new smile!
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Damon braces

With latest innovative new technology of the Damon System, we could improve your smile with far less time than traditional braces and greater comfort without compromising the result.

Damon braces use “self-ligating” brackets and designed with “passive” sliding mechanism, allowing the archwires and brackets to move freely. This designs significantly reduce the friction and pressure, clinically proven to achieve a spectacular result in a shorter time.

Benefits of Damon system

  • Fewer dental visits needed as they works efficiently
  • Damon braces are small, easy to keep clean and more comfortable than conventional braces
  • Less painful, gentle approach
It's time for a brand new smile!
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Short term braces

Short term braces or limited orthodontic is a quick and affordable alternative to straighten teeth and close gaps. We can achieve the smile you've been looking for, in as little as six months.

You may be a suitable candidate if :
• You are looking for minor alterations to fix crowding, gaps or spacing.
• You want a perfect smile with less time and money.

It's time for a brand new smile!
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