General & Family Dentistry

Dental Check-ups

Good oral hygiene is important, not only for your physical appearance but also general health. Attending regular check ups is important in maintaining your oral health and at SmileBay Dental Surgery, our skilled dentists can examine your mouth thoroughly using the latest technology to ensure that it is 100% healthy. We provide a comfortable, gentle and painless experience and to give you accurate, quality work. We will happily and patiently listen to your concerns, thoughts, questions and dental wishes to improve and maintain your smile.

Our dentists at SmileBay perform comprehensive dental examination to evaluate each patient’s health and needs. This includes thoroughly examining your teeth, gums, oral cavity and any of our patient’s concerns. With the information gathered, we will help you improve your oral health and achieve a healthy and beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of. We know your confidence lies in our hands, so we consistently strive to deliver amazing results for every one of our patients.

Reasons for Regular Dental Check-ups

We highly recommend that you attend regular check ups and here are some reasons why:

  • To maintain a good physical health
    Studies have linked strokes and heart attacks to gum disease due to poor oral hygiene. Attending regular check ups will help to keep your teeth and gums healthy which can significantly reduce your risk of heart diseases and strokes.
  • To detect a dental problem in its early stages
    Catching problems in their earliest stages helps to minimize the amount of dental work needed, and helps you to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • To keep your original teeth
    Gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. By regularly attending check ups, our skilled dentists can help you keep as many teeth as possible. This is vital as keeping your original teeth means better chewing function and ultimately, better health.
  • To have a white, bright smile
    Regularly consuming drinks such as tea and coffee can affect the color of your teeth. Our dentists can help you get rid of these stains and polish your teeth to a beautiful shine which will leave you with a whiter, brighter smile.

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Scaling and Polishing

We will gently scale and polish when your teeth require a thorough clean to remove all plaque and calculus. Calculus allowed to accumulate on the teeth provides the right conditions for bacteria to thrive next to the gums. The purpose of cleaning and polishing is to leave the surface of teeth clean and smooth so that bacteria are unable to stick to them and you have better chance of keeping the teeth clean by regular home care.

In SmileBay Dental, the dentist uses specialized instruments to gently remove these deposits without harming the teeth. With effective ultrasonic device, our experienced doctors use a tiny scaler tip to loosen and remove plaque, tartar and bacteria painlessly. This will rapidly and gently eliminate most forms of gum disease and help you to preserve your oral health and prevent tooth loss.

Scaling is used to remove the hard tartar on your teeth, which cannot be removed by simply brushing your teeth. The polishing stage helps to clean away stains from your teeth, which may have been caused by coffee, tea or red wine. We have employed a new technology- the Prophy Jet Airflow, machine sprays out a jet of air, water and fine powder to thoroughly clean the teeth, on the surface and even in the gaps.

If you have gum disease, you will require a deeper scaling, which is called “ root planning”. As this treatment cleans all around the roots of the teeth, your dentist may discuss the option of giving you a local anaesthetic, so that it does not feel too sensitive and uncomfortable.

In case you may have had painful cleaning experiences in the past, switch to a gentle dentist or you could also choose to be numbed. We can apply topical anaesthetic to numb the gum tissues that are sensitive during that procedure.

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Tooth Coloured Filings

After filling thousands of cavities, SmileBay dentists are skilled professionals in the field. With their expert eye and vast experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry, they can make your cavities disappear by using a tooth-colored filling compound which is also known as composite that is custom-blended to match the exact shade of your natural teeth. Once set, the filling compound is virtually undetectable and 100% mercury free. This is a significant upgrade from amalgam filling and it delivers great and attractive results. People will not even notice the filling at all!

Advantages of Composite Fillings

  • The tooth colored fillings matches the shade of your natural teeth.
  • They have a long lifespan lasting from 7-10 years depending on your dental regimen.
  • The composite bond produces a strong support for your tooth.
  • They are easily reparable if damaged.
  • Most of all these composite fillings are durable and appealing.

Painless Fillings

If fillings are needed, SmileBay dentist will first numb the area with a numbing gel or an injection that you will hardly notice. Some shallow fillings can be done without any anaesthetic at all. Then the cavity is filled with a tooth-colored composite that will perfectly match your natural teeth. No more silver and black fillings like you got on the old days. If the cavity is larger, the dentist may use an inlay or onlay, a porcelain restoration that will cover the cavity.

If you have a cavity or would like to get your old filling upgraded, our dentists at SmileBay Dental Surgery is on hand to help.

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Children's Dentistry

Most current fears in adults for dental treatment arise from unpleasant and traumatic experiences during childhood. However, through regular care, children develop a trust and bond with the caregiver, the dentist. This helps the child to accept more readily procedures that are necessary and sometimes unpleasant.

It is important to teach your child proper brushing and oral hygiene habits since young, as these measures will prevent early loss of primary teeth. It is a myth that children’s teeth are not important, as they will fall out anyway.

Early loss of primary teeth is undesirable as it

  • May lead to drifting of remaining teeth into empty spaces, resulting in misalignment of permanent teeth
  • Affects speech development and self-esteem of your child, especially if it is a front tooth
  • Affects chewing efficiency

It is much cheaper and healthier to have regular, early care for your child’s teeth. Call us today, SmileBay Dental provide both restorative and preventive components with emphasis on prevention and early interception of oral diseases.

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Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Wisdom tooth is commonly known as third molar. Generally, wisdom tooth will grow in the age of 18 to 21.

If the wisdom teeth erupt out straight, they do not need to be removed. However, these wisdom teeth may not grow out straight at all times. An impacted tooth is a tooth that is fully or partially buried under the gum line and is unable to erupt properly. Impacted wisdom teeth require removal because they are growing at the wrong place and/or at a wrong angle.

When they are not straight, wisdom teeth can cause problems like pain and infection. Impacted wisdom teeth are food traps and breeding grounds for bacteria. Maintaining their cleanliness is difficult and infection is very common.

Generally if your wisdom teeth cause problems as described, they should be taken out.

At SmileBay Dental, we will do a thorough examination and diagnosis to determine if your wisdom tooth requires a minor surgery to remove. X-ray will be taken to check the position of the wisdom tooth. Before surgery, our dentist will discuss the procedure with you and inform you what to expect. The surgery will be performed carefully under local anesthesia followed by suture and prescription of antibiotics and painkiller after the removal.

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