Our Appointed Dental Laboratory

A dental lab is an office where all the happenings of the ‘behind scenes’ involving the making of dental restorations such as crowns, veneers and dentures are transformed to the very needs of each value patient. Aesthetically and technically during the cosmetic makeovers, the lab does all the final touches suited to your desire.

Mr. Nader Hedeshi from US is our managing partner and certified master ceramist, who with his great knowledge and vast experiences together of his impressive track records, oversees the whole lab operations, ensuring the diversity and smooth flow of the activities in the lab that he leads. His refined works has in a big way created a brand name for our practice.

For many dentists who strive to do quality work, dealing with outside laboratory can post a big challenge .When it comes to giving patient top quality results, we do not compromise, whether it is a full mouth cosmetic reconstruction or a simple single crown, We Strive for the Best!

Our In-House dental laboratory employs advance technology and equipment such as Zirkonzahn CAD CAM machine.In addition, regular trainings are provided for our technicians to ensure optimal results from their work and highest quality to our patients ultimately.

Mr. Nader, who with a vibrant and warm personality always works closely hand in hand with his staffs and SmileBay dentists to ensure the best quality fits, functions and appearances of restorations, be it crown, bridge and denture.

On the whole, with an In-House laboratory, SmileBay Dental Surgery indirectly present itself, a complete control of the whole process, from preparation and impression of the teeth right through the completion of the restorations.

Advantages of In-House Dental Laboratory

  • Fast and efficient delivery of restorations for in bound patients.
  • Constant stringent quality control by our SmileBay dentists for their patient dental treatment.
  • More precise crown fit as compared to commercial lab.
  • Provide immediate support to our own dentist for emergency cases.
  • Instant correction and adjustment as when required.

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